Commercial Services

Commercial Networking and IT Support

Learn new ways to increase your organization’s productivity with IT services with SB Comm Inc. We offer full network infrastructure designs for small to medium size businesses. Our IT consultants will take care of the technical side of your business so you can stay focused on everyday operations. Our 24/7/365 support group will give you the comfort to know we are here to help your company progress and streamline your everyday processes. Before creating your plan, we assess your business to further understand your needs. After our assessment, we’ll know the IT solutions you need to maintain a strong connection, communicate effectively, and manage high-performance software.

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Bars and Restaurants

Your bar or restaurants environment is something your customer must love to revisit. We can provide a full design for your Audio/Video, and lighting needs to make the ambience something to remember.

Creating the right ambiance for your restaurant enhances the overall customer experience. Background music creates a welcoming or social environment and cuts down the distractions of multiple conversations all happening at once. The great design of your space can be accented with quality displays showcasing entertainment that will keep your guests staying longer. You can also use video displays for digital signage to help communicate messages to your guests, or as advertising opportunities for an additional stream of revenue. All of this can be automated to provide the right video content, music station, and volume levels depending on the time of day and flow of traffic. We can even ensure your guests have a secured high-speed wireless network so they can effectively give your establishment a quality rating on social media to share their positive experience with others.

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Conference Rooms

Along with being a functioning work environment, your board room is often the first impression your business makes on prospects, job candidates, and partners. Connect, integrate, and automate your conference and board rooms to ensure your time is spent focusing on top priorities, not on figuring out how to make the technology work. Millions of dollars per year are wasted on trying to get presentations and technology to work. A variety of solutions can help make anything from conference calls to board meetings run smoothly. We can also make sure that your network is secure and that all of your network devices and Wi-Fi guest connections are flawless!

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Smart Business Security

Your smarter business security system will do more than just protect your property, inventory and employees. It delivers value and peace of mind every day by ensuring key business functions are operating smoothly.

Security Intrusion

With a reliable professionally monitored system you’ll know that your business properties, inventory and employees are always protected. Use auto-arming to ensure that your system is always armed when it should be. Cancel false alarms through the app no matter where you are. Easily add or remove user codes to manage access for new or terminated employees. Manage multiple sites from one centralized dashboard. Keep an eye on inventory and equipment with video surveillance. Know instantly about unexpected events like a storage door opening at an unusual time.

Access Control

Who’s coming and going? Easily track and manage access to your property with fully integrated access control. Integrated locks, controllers and card readers help you understand who’s in and around the business at any time. Commercial-grade locks help keep offices and back rooms secure. Remotely lock and unlock doors for staff and deliveries. Quickly add and remove users or restrict entry to sensitive areas. Receive notifications when an area has been accessed at unusual times.


KEEP AN EYE ON Business with HD commercial-grade cameras which provide crystal clear video so you can stay connected to your business from anywhere. View live video streams through the website or app anytime. See indoor and outdoor activity to manage employee and customer traffic. Record video on-site and to the cloud at the same time. Secure, reliable cloud storage cannot be disabled or damaged if your business experiences a fire or flood event. Quickly find the events that you need to see in your video timeline.

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Energy and Climate

Save Energy = Save Money! Use connected smart thermostats and lighting to keep your business comfortable 24/7, and prevent employees from making costly changes. Control your smart thermostats automatically, and on-the-go. Use thermostat schedules to automatically save money during closed hours. Get notified when the thermostat setting is changed, or the refrigerator door is left open. Easily set up lighting schedules to keep your business safe and well lit, reducing liability risk.

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