Meet Jeff Martin


Jeff Martin

Integrator and Director of Operations

:wave: Hey there! I’m Jeff Martin, your friendly Integrator and Director of Operations here at SBComm. When I’m not keeping the wheels turning, you’ll likely find me enjoying a cup of coffee, sampling fine whiskey, or savoring a good cigar. Oh, and did I mention I’m also a proud father of two amazing girls and a bit of a lawn fanatic?

:wrench: In my role as the Integrator, I’m all about ensuring that every resource at SBComm works harmoniously towards fulfilling our customers’ vision. And as the Director of Operations, I wear many hats, from overseeing customer service and purchasing to managing schedules, projects, and invoices.

:briefcase: With a background in budget management, procurement, and project coordination for large teams, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. I’m here to ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that our clients’ visions become a reality with SBComm.

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